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I have worked in research from ‘the bench to the community’ and have been involved since 1993 in numerous research grants either as main investigator, co-investigator, biostatistician or named researcher.   I have experience in the fields of public health, genetics, health economics, social research, environmental health, translational health research and clinical trials, among others, in both academic and industry settings. I have led research projects at the WHO and other international organizations whilst working in Asia, South Pacific, USA and Europe. I previously focused on modelling genetic effects and interactions affecting quantitative traits in family-based study designs. I have been involved in studies of different diseases including cancer, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, chronic kidney disease, HIV/AIDS and diabetes.  I have initiated and currently leading the Artificial Intelligence in Health Research (AIHR) at Newcastle University.

My research interest includes the following:

  • Modelling techniques that could be efficiently applied to answer questions on identification of disease states, treatment efficacy, treatment cost-effectiveness and disease prevention
  • Applications of AI in biomarker studies, healthcare and clinical trials
  • Population and family-based analysis methods in genetics

The following are my most recent funded research projects as co-investigator or statistician:

RigD2- A randomised controlled trial of adjuvant rituximab in young people with Graves’ disease (PI: Claire Wood, Newcastle University; 2023 – present) 

Defining Mechanisms underpinning antibiotic mediated disruption of pulmonary immune responses (PI: Elizabeth Mann, University of Manchester; 2022 – present) 

SarcoSIGHT: A Randomised-Control Trial of Fluorescence Guided Sarcoma Surgery Versus the Standard of Care (PI: Kenneth Rankin, Newcastle University; 2022 – present) 

FETONET: Evaluation of [18F]fluoroethyl triazole labelled [Tyr3]Octreotate analogues for the imaging of Neuroendocrine tumours (PI: Rohini Sharma, Imperial College London; 2018 – 2023) 

RADICAL: A single arm phase IIa study (with combination safety run-in) to assess the safety and efficacy of AZD4547 in combination with either anastrozole or letrozole in ER positive breast cancer patients who have progressed on treatment with anastrozole or letrozole (PI: Michael Seckl, Imperial College London; 2018 – 2022) 

ALERT: A phase II study of alternating eribulin and hormonal therapy in pre‐treated ER ve breast cancer (PI: Laura Kenny, Imperial College London; 2018 – 2020) 

MICROBIOME: A first in human, phase 1 safety study in two parts to determine the safety, tolerability and anti-cancer immuno-modulatory effects of MRx0518 in patients with solid tumours awaiting surgical removal of the tumour (PI: Jonathan Krell, Imperial College London; 2018 – 2022)

HERPET: A mechanistic non-invasive imaging study of HER2 expression in breast cancer using [18F]GE-226 positron emission tomography. (PI: Laura Kenny, Imperial College London; 2018 – 2022) 

CUPem: A Phase II, Two-Stage, Trial of Pembrolizumab in Cancer of unknown primary (PI: Harpreet Wasan, Imperial College London; 2018 – 2022) 

For a comprehensive list of my research projects and publications, please see:

and ORCID iD:

For a possible research collaboration, please contact me.